Analysis Options

The analysis options of a beam allows the user to vary the number of the finite elements used to represent the beam – more elements may improve the accuracy of the result marginally. The default of 100 elements is recommended. In case of uncertainty, the user can perform calculations with different numbers of elements (elements may vary from 10 to 300) to decide the suitable adequacy of the discretisation, keeping in mind that a small discrepancy may appear due to the nature of the Finite Element method.



The analysis options allows users to ignore the axial or bending effects for the buckling analysis.  When verifying beams using expressions 6.61 and 6.62 of BS EN 1993‑1‑1, the lateral torsional buckling resistance is determined assuming there is no axial load, and the axial resistance is determined assuming there is no bending; the interaction is accounted for within the expressions. The opportunity to ignore one type of load allows the user to readily determine the values of M­cr and Ncr in the absence of axial force and bending respectively. The values of Mcr and Ncr will be different if calculated with both types of load are applied simultaneously.